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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 27, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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loudo loudoun county, montgomery county, seeing showers and heavier downpours. we are going to continue to see the showers come through. a frontal boundary moves through the area as we speak. to the north, we are dealing with the cooler air. temperature now, 63 degrees under cloudy skies. some areas starting to see breaks in the clouds. look at the numbers. hagerstown, 51 degrees. 61 in frederick. a ten-degree difference. look at fredericksburg to the south, 73. a big difference in the temperatures across the area. we are going to see if temperatures go down big time overnight tonight. 55 degrees by 9:00. tomorrow waking up to a chilly start. frost advisories to the north. in the district, temperatures remain in the 40s. the coldest day we have seen so far. the coldest start. we have colder air moving in and yes, our chances for snow. i'll explain it in a minute. >> thanks, doug. >> it is the second day of
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testimony in the lululemon murder trial. britney norwood is accused of killing her co-worker. today, investigators testified about what they believe were self-inflicted wounds on norwood. an e.r. nurse took the stand about inconsistencies about her story. one of the issues they have to decide is if her actions were premedita premeditated. chris gordon joins us live in rockville with a look at what it takes to prove if the murder could have been planned. chris? >> reporter: first degree premeditated murder is about intent. did she intent to kill her when she called to have her reopen the lululemon store? today, prosecutors focused on the lies she told trying to cover up her involvement in the killing. a police officer testified he noticed an injury on her right hand when he first saw her at
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suburban hospital on march 12th, like when you are injured using a blade. on the stand, he showed norwood's pants with a slit down the front. she claimed she had been raped. a nurse testified her lacerations were superficial, more like scratches. they recorded an interview with her in the hospital. she was crying and sobbing of attacks from men wearing masks. the shorter one grabbed her by the hair. norwood tried to help jana. she said she's never seen so much blood. when asked details she said i don't know, i'm sorry. the detective had no reason to believe norwood was anything baa traumatized victim at that time. evidence has been shown to the jury including weapons prosecutors say norwood used to beat and stab murray. they were all items found in the
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lululemon store. none brought there. norwood lost control killing her during a fight. says it was not premeditated murder. a prosecutor showed me the maryland jury instructions for first degree murder that defines the elements of premeditation. >> the defendant actually intended to kill a person, deliberate that the defendant was conscious of the intent to kill. most important, premeditation with the intent to kill which must be formed prior to the killing. >> reporter: premeditated murder is the key issue the jury will have to decide in this case. live at the montgomery courthouse, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, chris. new allegations emerged into the investigation of vincent gray's campaign. brown told prosecutors that gray, who was a candidate at the
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time handed him a list of talking points to use against the incumbent. browns claims he was paid to bash him. he says he was promised a job in the gray administration. mayor gray denied the allegations. a fairfax county firefighter who died over the weekend was laid to rest today. funeral services were held for the 49-year-old. he was found dead inside station 41 saturday. he was a 21-year veteran of the fairfax county fire and rescue department. despite finding nothing yet, authorities believe a missing 8-year-old boy is alive. more than 1200 people turned out to help rescue the little boy. he has autism and wondered off saturday. today, police and volunteers combed over the large search area once again including
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searching rivers and creeks. the search will resume again tomorrow morning. >> it's considered the american dream. for some families the opportunity to buy a house never comes. john schriffen is here to tell us about a d.c. housing program helping local families become green and homeowners. >> this brand-new program helps families living in public housing move into a newly renovated home. the goal is to have them move out and live on their own and break the cycle of dependence. it marks a new beginning for those living in the poorest neighborhood of d.c. this ward eight looked like this, public housing, beat up and run down. thanks to $1.7 million in stimulus money, it now looks like this. 20 republican nated units with
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new appliances and hardwood floors still for public housing. >> we are going to create housing in the city so every family, every child will be able to have a reasonable chance to achieve the american dream. get an education, get a job and enjoy the good life. >> reporter: 31-year-old lee jones is trying to live the good life and provide for her two children, two brothers and her mother. >> this is like, considered our little space. >> reporter: two months ago after qualifying for the program, they moved into this five-bedroom unit. the rent here is more expensive than her previous unit in southwest but there's way more room. >> i have a lot of closet space. i have a lot of clothes. i don't want you to see my closet. >> reporter: there's an added bonus. part of the rent goes into an
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escrow account. she can use that money for a down payment for a house. >> the public housing can still work for you, but work for you and your family, you know, in a positive way where it becomes part of your journey, not the end of your journey. >> less than half of the renovated units are occupied. to qualify for the program, you must have a family household income of at least $35,000. if you are impressed with the homes, stay with us. coming up, i'll show you how they are equipped with the latest green technology. back to you. >> thank you, john. there's a new development tonight with an incident on the first lady's plane. a plane carrying michelle obama had to abort a landing after flying too close to a military cargo jet. an air traffic controller was blamed for the near miss.
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the controller made the same mistake at least four times in the past. the controller was taken off the job. however he's gone through training making him eligible to handle planes, once again. still ahead, a tax on your movie theater popcorn. a move to help the movie theater industry. critics say it will have the opposite effect. new hope for women with breast cancer. doctors have seen success with a surgery that leaves the breast intact. i'm liz crenshaw, prepaid cell phones gaining popularity. is one right for you? find out. the story is coming up. the story is coming up. stay with us, news 4 at 5:00
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well doug is not backing off his forecast with the "s" word. >> no, he is not. >> it's getting worse. >> we have been talking about it since monday. >> yeah. >> the reason why it's been a tough forecast, you have heard different things from different outlets. it's a tough forecast. now, everything is coming together.
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we are going to see snow in our area. not everybody is going to see it. nobody is going to have problems as far as the roadways are concerned. i think we are going to see the first flakes of the season. we are going to see very cold air making its way in. we have seen clearing skies in some areas. also, the return of showers in other areas. the rain now in howard county making its way in laurel. it hits three counties there. a few around the district and fauquier county. more in hagerstown. this is the line of showers. some down to the northwest portion of washington, bethesda, chevy chase and rockville seeing a shower here along 355 and 270. we are going to continue to watch as these showers move across the area, most moving fairly quickly. i don't expect too much more in the way of rain. you are going to see showers left over as the frontal
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boundary drapes across the area. it's going to cool temperatures down overnight tonight. right now, not too bad. 63 with the wind south-southwest. not much wind now. i expect the winds to increase. look at the difference in temperature. 51 in hagerstown. 73 in fredericksburg. 22 degree temperature difference there. the colder air continues to sink in overnight tonight. 39 in state college. 77 in richmond. that's where the cold air is. it still has awhile to get to us. only a few hours before the front moves through. here comes the cooler weather. some areas to the north under a frost advisory especially frederick county, maryland. tomorrow, a cool day. high temperatures only in the low 50s. here comes the storm. look at all the rain. friday night into saturday morning. the snow, mostly back to the west. i think it will come close to the d.c. metro area, not to the
5:14 pm
east. it will stay to the west as the low pressure really, really develops as we make our way through the area. you want to see your chances for snow in here they go. a high chance for accumulating snow. back to the west including washington county and west virginia. a good chance for snow into frederick and western loudoun county. front royal and winchester. montgomery county, fairfax county, prince william and fauquier county. this is the area we could see a little bit of accumulation. this evening, scattered showers, breezy. cooling off 54 to 64 degrees. tomorrow morning, we'll see the numbers on the cold side down to the freezing mark in some extreme areas with a possible freeze. tomorrow afternoon, increasing clouds, cooler. 50 to 53 degrees. most of the day saturday for
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most of us will be a very cold rain with a high of 43. a little breezy. sunday looks better. we have the aids walk saturday, i know it's going to be a cold one for you. >> all right. thanks for the heads up. >> after months of review, the food and drug administration says several new birth control drugs can increase the risk of blood clots compared to older medicines. federal regulators have been looking at the medical history of 800,000 women taking birth control. women taking pills containing a newer type hormone were 74% more likely to develop blood clots. that new hormone is used in popular medications including yaz. for women diagnosed with breast cancer, have a mastectomy
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is the best treatment. now, there's new hope for better surgery. doreen gentzler has the details. >> doctors want to remove as much of the breast tissue to minimize the chance of cancer recuring. they can be very traumatic for the women going through it. some are having success with the surgery that leaves the breast intact helping women to not only beat the cancer, but feel better about themselves. >> i was 33 years old when i was diagnosed. to say it was a shock is putting it lightly. >> she wasn't conscious about doing breast self-exams. she has no idea what possessed her to do it that day in may, 2010. it's the day she found a lump in her breast. it was stage one invasive breast cancer. >> never did i dream, at this
5:17 pm
age, that i would be dealing with a serious disease. >> reporter: because the 35-year-old arlington mother of two caught it so early, the prognosis was good. the chance of recurrence was high. she wanted the most aggressive treatment. >> i had no idea what i would look like afterwards. that was incredibly scarey. >> her plastic surgeon from georgetown university hospital felt she was a good candidate for this new surgery. >> it's like other advances in surgery. >> he says most doctors have been reluctant to perform this surgery in the past for fear there could be cancer cells hidden in the tissue behind the nipple. it's safe and effective. in a new study, doctors looked
5:18 pm
at 162 surgeries performed since 1989. he found there have been no cancer recurrences in the leftover breast tissue. >> it encourages them to treat it affirmatively, aggressively. you can be okay physically. >> i will never forget coming out of surgery and the nurse said you need to look. i didn't want to. she said no, you have to. i did and it was the most amazing feeling because i looked normal. >> minus a few scars, most people would never know she's had a mastectomy. >> at the end of the day when the chemo is done and the surgery is done and radiation is done, you are going to look normal again. as a breast cancer patient, that's all you want is you want to look normal.
5:19 pm
>> as well as get rid of the cancer. this surgery isn't for every breast cancer patient. it's ideal for smaller breasted women in good physical shape. it's not appropriate for women with more advanced cases or tumors close to the nipple. this research is demonstrating it's safe to leave some of the breast tissue intact. >> relief for many of them. thank you. when we come back, the last witnesses take the stand in the conrad murray trial. defense is hoping experts will convince jurors michael jackson caused his own death. an update to a story you saw first here. a school that confiscated a breast cancer bracelet changed their tune. millions are turning to prepaid cell phone plans.
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first on 4 tonight, a cia contractor has been arrested on a series of child pornography charges. the discover detectives made inside his house have them concerned about who the victims are. julie carey has the story. >> reporter: until a month ago, he was just another dad who
5:23 pm
lived in this neighborhood with his wife and two kids. a government contractor who did work for the cia. now, he's in jail feared by neighbors at loudoun county investigators searched his home. his computer files contained graphic descriptions of sexual encounters with several children. >> a lot of disks and information that led to this. >> loudoun county investigators began their work when he was flagged by cia and fbi agents after they found troubling e-mail on his work computer. in the affidavit for his he had a document titled my life. sexual encounters that took place between 1980 and 2002. there's a time line termed master slave relationships.
5:24 pm
another file alters a home floor plan and labels rooms with titles like rape room, dog den and punishment room. there are writings about weekend report where he's baby sitting two boy who is he sexually assaults. question for investigators, is it fact or fiction? >> we are not sure how much is fantasy and how much is reality. we don't know if all 40-some victims are actual people that we will hopefully have contact with. hopefully, it's something he's living out in a fantasy world. >> reporter: the allegations spread through his neighborhood a month ago. worried parents say they have talked to their children. >> the allegations are serious. it's not fun to read. it's the worst thing you can imagine to have in your neighborhood. it was not fun. it's very concerning to everyone. >> reporter: neighbors were concerned about how to handle
5:25 pm
the upcoming halloween holiday. they were relieved to learn today that jeffrey lee is behind bars. switching gears now, while many people say they can't live without their cell phones, some consumers are having a tough time affording their bills. keeping up with the latest technology can be pricey. liz crenshaw has the option of paying as you go. >> shrinking household budgets are causing families to cut costs. prepaid cell phones are a different way to keep the wireless service. they are growing in popularity. 64 million americans have prepay or pay as you go accounts. could it be an option for you? >> you have the flexibility to taylor a prepaid plan for you. >> reporter: the publisher of consumer reports looked at the latest cell craze. prepaid or pay as you go.
5:26 pm
the biggest selling point, eliminating the long term contract with cell phone service. >> you could face early termination fees in a contract carrier that you can go up to $250, $300. there is no contract, but before you decide it's a way to save, analyze exactly how you use your cell phone. >> if you are looking to lower your bills, you need to evaluate what you are using on a month-to-month basis and if there's a prepaid plan for that. >> choose a carrier. it's a growing market. there are new names and traditional carriers. evaluate how you use your cell phone. if you have a lan line and this is in addition to it, it's a great option. >> next, pick a phone. the prepaid phones are popping up online at walk in wireless
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stores, drugstores, best buy, walmart and target. they vary in price. prices range from free to as little as $20. it's as expensive as a couple hundred dollars. the benefit of a cheaper phone -- >> in terms of replacing your phone, prepaid is an easier option. >> pick a plan. calls, texts and web surfing but in limited amounts. >> if you are getting your web content off your phone, it's not the best option. >> you will pay in advance but you can pay a monthly fee for a set number of minutes or pay as you go. >> pay as you go, you are going to pay an access fee for each day you use the phone. >> reporter: beware, the add-ones to prepaid phones can get you. >> it's only $5 to add on, it's only 10 cent as minute.
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if you are paying as you go, pay attention to the number of minutes you are using. >> i don't think there's a fear in a prepaid plan. find the one that's right for you. >> if you are wondering if you should consider that prepaid cell for yourself, general guidance was if you use 300 minutes or fewer a month, you were a candidate. today, with more prepaid cell competition, you might find a plan to save you money, even if you go over 300 minutes. take a look at it. if you are looking for a way to save, look at all the options before you kill the contract. it's going to cost you. >> true. >> look at the timing on that. >> competition is a good thing. >> it is a good thing. some don't need the cell service they have. >> thank you, liz. in the next half hour, a loud interruption in a morning talk show. >> i hear this loud boom. >> when this studio shook --
5:29 pm
>> it sounded like lightning hit a tree next to us. next thing we know, we hear glass shattering. >> the accident that changed the subject quickly for the sports junkies this morning. the d.c. father convicted of killing his daughter and stuffing her body in a trash can learns his fate today. >> reporter: would you pay more for your movie experience here
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hello, erveds everybody, i'm doug kammerer. a few showers and a few downpours. look at the doppler radar to see what i'm talking about. showers in frederick and washington counties. toward montgomery county and prince george's county. the heaviest in loudoun, and fairfax county. we are going to watch it move over the airport making its way to the east along route 50. the centerville area, expect rain there. over the next couple days, expect very cold air. very cold rain and yes, jim, maybe snow, too. i'll have the forecast for you once again. >> doug, thank you. a d.c. father was sentenced to 40 years in jail for murdering his teenage daughter and dumping her body in a trash can. he had a sexual relationship with his daughter before stabbing her to death.
5:33 pm
news 4's pat collins talked to the mother about a sentence that brings closure, but not the wounds left behind by this horrific case. pat? >> reporter: jim, a sentencing in one of the most vile cases of murder in the history of d.c. crime. he had repeated sex with his teenage daughter. he got jealous, murdered her and stuffed her body in a trash can. that story told again today in superior court. in the courtroom, the victim's mother. imagine how she felt. when you saw him in the courtroom today, what was in your heart? >> anger. desperateness to see my daughter again because she should still be here. she should still be here. no human being should do or act like that. your own child at that.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: for debbie franklin, some sense of justice as the man who killed her daughter sent to jail for what could be the rest of his natural life. >> i'm glad he's going to serve his time. everything else, i leave in the lord's handses. >> reporter: the victim, 17-year-old ebony franklin, a student, a dancer, she had big dreams. her killer, her biological father. now, unbeknownst to ebony's mother, mac entire, who lived in a different place was having sex with ebony, his daughter for two years. he got jealous, stabbed the teenager 15 times, put her body in the trash can and used her cell phone to misdirect the police investigation. >> she was beautiful. she is a beautiful young lady, very vibrant, very outgoing, very sweet girl that did not
5:35 pm
deserve to be taken away like this. >> before sentencing, macintyre said i'm sorry for taking the live of my daughter. i robbed her of her childhood. but it was the judge who had the last word. she called rodney mcintyre a disgraceful father, guilty of disgusting sexual abuse. 45-year-old rodney mcintyre sentenced to 40 years in jail. jim, back to you. >> pat collins with the latest in perhaps the end of this story. thank you, pat. questions about whether michael jackson was addicted to painkillers today. the defense called an addictions specialist to the stand. he says he believes jackson was addicted to the painkiller
5:36 pm
demerol, which he received from his dermatologist. he thinks withdrawal from the demerol caused jackson's insomnia. >> what your within is -- >> based on my prior definition and what's known about his public behavior, and this course of treatment that he was probably addicted to it. >> prosecutors cross examined the doctor calling the testimony speculation. meanwhile, a judge told dr. murray he has to the end of the defenses case to decide if he'll take the stand in his own defense. >> would you pay more for your favorite popcorn? considering a sales tax increase in concessions. the reason, to raise money, to attract users. we have the report. >> reporter: the tax would be
5:37 pm
applied to concessions sold in existing d.c. theaters. an additional 5% on sales on popcorn, candy, soda, chips and munchies. even when you vow to forego the goodies, a whiff of the butter could change your mind. they need or want incentives. some of the revenue provides them. >> we try to send a message that the same amenities are available to the people east of the river as west of the river. >> reporter: there are no movies in anacostia. it wasn't always that way. this sign used to beckon movie goers. the name is still here, but it's been years since the last matinee rolled. it's not vacant but speaks to a glaring omission. >> it's ridiculous when you live in a city of four quadrants that all the movie theaters are in
5:38 pm
the whitest quadrant. >> reporter: he owns the west end cinema. he applauses the efforts to get cinemas across the river. he thinks there may be a better way than hiking the concession tax. >> squeeze margins. fewer people would be inclined to pay for movie concessions. poll the people on the street and ask them about the movie going experience, they love going to the movies and they love popcorn and sodas but feel like they are already pretty expensive. >> reporter: the multiplexes that they are trying to attract makes it harder. the script isn't written on how best to get the theater. derrick ward, news 4. fairfax county school officials had second thoughts about a bracelet ban. it's an exclusive story we have. 12-year-old brad wears a lot of
5:39 pm
pink items to raise awareness about breast cancer. he told us the assistant principal at the middle school confiscated his bracelet. it says i love boobies. they determined the bracelets are okay to wear. next, the judge in the lacrosse murder trial considered whether to allow new evidence that raises doubt aboutow yardley-love died.
5:40 pm
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good news for a man living in northwest d.c. who got $2,000 worth of parking tickets outside his own home. the city says the tickets have been dismissed. he owns two vehicles and both got tickets on sunday. one said he illegally parked in front of a school. another said he parked a commercial vehicle in a residential zone. the city says the tickets were issued in error using old regulations. some special children in southeast d.c. got to hear spooky halloween stories. it took place at the community center on martin luther king
5:43 pm
center. it's a push to encourage literacy for at risk kids. news 4 traffic reporter and the first lady's hair stylist were the celebrity readers. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, an unusual interruption when a car crashes into a popular radio show. why the deejay's say it could have been worse. ♪ oh you cant go on together >> it's not quite elvis but dan hellie will rewind to a
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
the sports junkies on 106.7, the fan, are used to broadcasting breaking sports stories. this morning, it was news of a dangerous sort. tracee wilkins has this unusual accident that shook up the morning show. >> it almost reminded me of the earthquake. >> i thought it was another earthquake. >> screeching metal and glass breaking. >> the segment just ended. i was coming in to cut up the podcast. >> at 7:39, adam walks in here to up load the podcast. we had just gone to break. >> after i walked in the room, i hear this loud boom. >> the studio shook. >> it sounded like lightning hit a tree next to us.
5:47 pm
then the next thing i know, we start hearing glass shattering. >> it was a honda civic that slammed into our building. into the call screen room, where our interns and producers are there throughout the show. >> a second or two earlier, who knows what would have happened. it was very scary. >> adam is a tough guy and he scared. >> he jumped. >> all of us would have been in the same situation. >> like a little baby. >> i started shaking. can you imagine a car is going to drive-through your building. >> i opened the door and he's wedged there with his chest on the steering wheel. >> he was butt embarrassed. >> you have to be mortified. >> he says he was trying to avoid a pedestrian. so, i guess we'll take him at his word. >> we have to get twit pics. >> we had a breaking news story happen in front of us. >> he seemed a little shaken up.
5:48 pm
he didn't have bumps or bruises. he got out of the car and started walking. >> he took out not just one room, two rooms in this office. they are done. >> i think we all got very lucky and dodged a bullet or dodged a car. >> the driver is charged with failing to maintain control of his vehicle. >> something for them to talk more smack about. >> yeah, and they did. >> it's a close call. let's get the word on the weather. we are not just talking flurries. it's looking like more than that in some spots. >> i think areas well to the west of washington are going to see accumulating snow in the roadways, into the trees and your deck. i'm talking well to the west of washington. now, we have changes going on across the area. temperatures climb to 66 degrees at this hour. look at the winds gusting to 32 miles an hour and we have rain out there, too. that rain coming across the district right now.
5:49 pm
we'll zoom in. you can see exactly what i'm talking about with the rain behind this area of rain and the cold front. we get cold. first, the wind and chilly temperatures down to 42 in the city. many areas in the 30s for the first time this season. as you mentioned, snow is in the forecast. i'll have it for you at 6:00. >> thank you, doug. we'll see you then. >> dan hellie is with us now to rewind us to the bills game. dan? >> pat and jim, there was a time when the bills and redskins were two of the premier franchises in football. back in 1992, they met in super bowl xxvi. it was the last time the redskins were truly great and it was marvelous. ♪ >> january 26, 1992, super for the third time. loose doesn't begin to describe
5:50 pm
the skins in the week leading up to super bowl xxvi in minnesota. the home video taken by defensive end fred stokes included a cameo by elvis or offensive lineman mark. ♪ oh, you can't go on together ♪ with suspicious minds >> buffalo fans had their suspicions when pat collins went under cover and behind enemy lines. >> let's go do some buffalo hunting. are you nervous about this game? >> yeah. >> i'm nervous, too. >> you're not incognito, are you? >> would i do something like that to a buffalo. take care of it for me, guys. >> the skins defense ripped up the bills, too. the first buffalo possession ends with fred stokes bringing
5:51 pm
down jim kelly. the second ends with a tip pass by darrel green and a 21-yard return by brad edwards. >> we don't hear that much about it. there's a lot of no names on there. the rest of us, we are fighting. not necessarily getting in but give them some respect. >> second quarter and the offense kicks in. looks left. finds earnest who dives in to score. they lead 17-0 at halftime before the national defense helped out again. first play, the third quarter. jim kelly, the line backer barrels down to the two-yard line. it sets up the second touchdown of the game. the skins lead, 24-0. two possessions later, ripen lets it rip. the 30-yard hook up with clark
5:52 pm
seals the deal. redskins win, 37-24, the third gatorade bath and super bowl win for joel gibbs. >> and i don't care. go ahead get me. >> we're going to disney world! >> to hold my head up high for the next five or six months to know, this they can't take away. this is it. we are the world champions. we can tell our grand kids, this is the time of our life. >> there's no words for it, man. all i can say is it's complete. it is done. the best in the world. the best in the world. oh, the glory days. since then, it's been bzzz. >> yeah, yeah. >> i want to tell you about the elvis dance. what is going on with this elvis dance? when they beat the falcons, the old falcon's head coach left
5:53 pm
tickets for elvis. he said i'm elvis now. >> we like that. thanks. >> let's find out what is in the works. jim vance joins us with a preview for 6:00. hope in the destruction in turkey. why traffic is turning into a moneymaker for the district. >> 911 your emergency. >> my mom's car backed out on accident and i need the police to pull my mom's car back in. >> you have to love that little girl. she makes a call for help. we'll tell you why she was so determined to drive the family's suv. those stories and more coming up. >> determined is the word for it. >> she said the car backed out. she didn't say i backed it out. >> we'll see you in a few. thanks.
5:54 pm
after the break, the judge in the yardley-love case decides whether to release medical records. you can win an itunes gift card. like us on facebook. we'll pick a pwinner at 7:00. yesterday's winner of a go when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead...
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lawyers for the university of virginia student accused of killing his college girlfriend are awaiting judge's decision on whether the victim's medical records are pertinent to the case. >> the trial is set to start in february. the defense is trying to say she died from other causes. we was the latest. >> reporter: the man accused of killing the lacrosse player were in court wednesday for a second time trying to gain access to love's medical records. the popular and beautiful senior on the university of virginia women's lacrosse team. police say he admitted he shook love and her head repeatedly hit the wall the night she died.
5:58 pm
love died of blunt force trauma to the head after he attacked her in her apartment. but, in court, the defense argued that love died from an irregular heart beat from the adhd drug. >> i think it's transparent. i think the fact they can't rest their case on anything more substantial is telling. >> i think it's disrespectful to her memory, personally. >> it was not his first brush with the law. in 2008, he was charged with public swearing and intoxication and resisting arrest. now, the lawyers have no choice but to seek other answers as to how love may have died. >> i think the defense is looking at a murder charge, both felony and intentional murder. the defense must do the best they can for their client. if there is any question about
5:59 pm
the cause of death, they must pursue it and they are entitled to pursue it. >> reporter: love's family had no comment. in a statement released in april, they said in part, we have faith in the justice system and trust the truth will prevail. that's it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. a story you saw first on news 4. a former government contractor for the cia busted for child porn charges. police say their investigation isn't over yet. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. the suspect is in jail now. they found disturbing images on his home computer as well as stories of sexual enco


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